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Size Matters

We are a literal Mom and Pop operation.  We care about you, our consumers, and we want you to know your opinions matter.  We are open to feedback and criticism and will always strive to make high-quality products to quench your thirst and put a smile on your face.



Available Products:

Casita is a contract brewery, brewing beers inspired by our brewer's travels and the friends he's met along the way.

local beer with global appeal 

Plucky lil Pils

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Cerveza Casera

While the Casita beers you are drinking may not be made in our home, the ideas for it begin there, and they are made with the idea of home in mind.  Ryan dreams up the ideas and brews them, while Mahalia draws the illustrations and works on the marketing.  The end result is a reflection of ourselves and our household, and we hope you will enjoy these brews in your home and with friends.  

We like the idea of using our creativity to make a product that will make people happy.  It's our greatest hope these beers will become part of your joyful memories.

Kingdom of Clouds IPA

Ryan Witter-Merithew is the seasoned brewer behind the weird and whimsical brews you'll find in the Casita product list.  His trusty wife and other half helps with a little bit of everything else.

Most of our beers until now have been brewed at Hill Farmstead Brewery in picturesque Greensboro Bend, Vermont, but we have recently started brewing in Farmville, North Carolina at Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery!